Welcome to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Publications Database (MRO-PD)

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Publication database (MRO-PD) is a central repository for publications concerning the initial development of MRO and MRO instrumentation as well as any publications containing or concerning (e.g. analog research) MRO Instrument-derived data products. MRO-PD does not house or provide any PDF copies of the publications, but does link each publication through their respective digital object identification (DOI) tag.

Cumulative annual publication count by team and non-team first authors.
This figure was last modified: June 18, 2024

Since 2004, 2274 peer-reviewed publications have featured MRO data products

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Annual percentage of publications (non-cumulative) led by non-team members.
This figure was last modified: June 18, 2024